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Fraternal year 2014-2015

Title: Coats for Kids

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Youth

Date: 24 Nov 2014

Purpose of activity: To help provide warmth during cold season to children whose parents/guardians cannot afford to buy warmer clothings.

Description: Every Year , the council members agree to participate in the local Thanksgiving Blessing Project in Eagle River Alaska. With a Huge need in our community of children who would otherwise not have a coat for the harsh winter conditions experienced in alaska. This year thru intensive fundraising efforts the Council was able to double the amount of Coats the could be purchased thru the programĀ  through the Supreme Council. A total of 115 coats were handed out to children in the Community.. We collaborated with a protestant church known to hold annual food distribution to the needy before Thanksgiving Day. We asked the possibility of joining them in their facility to distribute the coats to children under the age of 16. Their pastor and staff were elated and promised that we will have our own room to fit and distribute the coats. They informed us that they will do the screening and will only bring to us the ones who really need. Words must have spread like wildfire among their church members because when we arrived, the room was already filled with assortment of donated coats and sweaters, used and new, Like the staff said, they escorted children to us and we fitted them as close as possible to their sizes. We had 8 Knights participate in setup and passing out of coats.

Coats for Kids Coats for Kids Coats for Kids Coats for Kids


Title: Gaming Convention

Council: St. Benedicts 12290

Category: Youth

Date: 08/31/2014

Purpose of activity: To raise funds for the St. Benedicts youth group going to the World Youth Day 2016.

Description: The person in charge of the convention is a member from our council. He spent countless hours on putting this convention together. The man power was used in the parking lot to park cars and security in the parking lot. We also provided security inside the event for the vendors. This event took place at Lumen Christi High School gym therefore we insured the property was taken care of. We made sure the building was open on time and closed and secure once each day was over. This was a two day event.


Title: St. Therese's Camp

Council: St. Benedicts 12290

Category: Youth

Date: 07/01/2014

Purpose of activity: We conducted clean up and remodeling of the camp in order to make it a working camp. We funded the "Gaga Pit" that is used by the campers to play dodge ball. We also helped fund for a new dishwasher for the camp.

Description: This is an ongoing project that as a group we go out there on different Saturdays during the year to work on the list of projects the camp director requests of us. These projects can vary from painting to plumbing to cleaning the grounds, inventory of camp equipment. As far as the "Gaga Pit" we funded and we built the pit from a design we got from another camp from the lower 48. The council donated $500 to go towards replacing a broken down dish washer. The council will continue to work with the Staff at St. Therese's Camp to ensure that the camp stays up to code for campers to be able to attend.




Category: Youth


Purpose of activity:








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