Knights Of Columbus

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Fraternal year 2014-2015

Title:   Prolife Program Life Award Submission

Council: Council 12290 St. Benedict's

Category: Culture of Life

Date: Multiple

Purpose of activity: Council 12290 has involved itself in promoting ProLife Values in many instances during 2014.


Masses, Rosaries, and events such as the following were achieved;
1 a- Masses requested for both Saturday and Sunday for Respect Life Sunday, October 4/5.
 b- Feast of the Holy Innocence December 28.
 c- Knights of Columbus , Day of the Unborn March 25.

2- Provided assistance and refreshments at the Interdenominational Prayer Service, January 18th for Anchorage Area.

3- Contributed to the Ultra Sound Campaign.
The major achievement in the Life Area was providing the following materials to the ProLife Representatives Jim and Ann Curro to distribute and present prolife talks to grades Kindergarden thru eighth grades, youth group, and Lumen Christi High School, February 9-26th.
 a-Bookmarks-Respecting Life, Celebrate Life.
 b- Pens and Pencils-Precious Feet Emblem.
 c-Books- Life of a Child (Coloring Books)
 d-Pamphlets- Development, Dignity of Life, Stem Cell Research, Euthanasia, etc…
 e- ProLife Precious Feet/Hands.
 f- Videos-  Knights of Columbus  Life Issues, and You are a Masterpiece.
 g- Veggie Tales- God Loves you.

All items, talks, videos were age appropriate.

Parents were invited to attend. Credit was given at each presentation to the Knights of Columbus St. Benedict’s for the Materials provided.
Council 12290 is dedicated to all ProLife Issues and will continue in its endeavors to inform, partake, and support ProLife Issues.





Purpose of activity:






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