Knights Of Columbus

Alaska Knights In Action

Fraternal year 2014-2015

Title:   Knights Helping Knights in Need

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Council

Date: 2014

Purpose of activity:

Description: Last Year a fellow brother Knight of Council 9830 was in need of assistance, He encountered a water leak in his home that damaged not only his upstairs bathroom, it also damaged his downstairs bathroom and hallways as well. After the insurance paid for what they would cover, he was left with massive amounts of repairs that he would have to pay for himself. Due to unforeseen reasons he was forced to move to Texas from Alaska in a short timeframe.  He did not have a background in home repairs, and with both bathrooms not in working condition, and a young single mom with 3 kids trying to move in so they could rent the house while he was in Texas, he  was running out of options. He also did not have enough money to pay for essential items that would be required to complete the repairs. This is where a few Brother Knights of Council 9830 stepped in to help. In the course of 3 days, these men gathered at the house after they had already worked a normals day at their regular  jobs to help complete the project. They purchased items out of there own money along with a Council donation to get what they needed. This with the number of hours they spent saved the brother Knight several thousand dollars and was able to get the repairs completed in time for the single mom and kids that would have had no place to live, shelter that was livable. This group of men truly are the what Knights in Action are about.

Knights Helping Knights in Need Knights Helping Knights in Need Knights Helping Knights in Need


Title:   Founder's Day Banquet

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Council

Date: 11 Oct 2014

Purpose of activity: To commemorate the founding of the Knights of Columbus by Venerable Michael J. McGivney and to celebrate Columbus Day with brother knights, their ladies, friends, and guests.

Description: Council 9830 celebrates Founder's Day on the Saturday in October closest to Columbus day, thereby commemorating both the founding of the Knights of Columbus by Fr McGivney and at the same time celebrate the discovery of America by our namesake, Christopher Columbus. This year in particular, we invited Father Augustine Hilander,OP as our Guest Speaker and our Worthy State Deputy Jim Betts as our Senior Ranking Knight, his Third consecutive time to attend this annual banquet. Other guests were widows and families of our departed brothers and our District Four District Deputy and his wife.  All members of our council and their spouses and friends were encouraged to attend. General Admission was $30.00 but no charge for our guests, priests, and deacons. The dinner was buffet style with three main entrées of Pepper Steak, Cordon Bleu and Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo, Potatoes, Vegetables, Salad Bar, fruits, and variety of home made desserts plus drinks. Can't beat the price. We held the banquet at Bear Mountain Grill in Eagle River, owned and operated by one of our full knight council members. Not only that we got delicious meals and outstanding service but also supported the business of our brother knight. The cocktail started at 6:00. At 7:00 pm, the gong rang for everyone to take their seats. The Grand Knight, who took the role of Master of Ceremony called the banquet to order and asked Father Thomas T. Brundage, JLC to lead the Opening Prayer. After the prayer, everyone was asked to join in singing the Opening Ode conveniently printed on the back of the program. After the ode's last note, everyone joined in and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Thereafter, everyone was seated and the ceremony master introduced the guests at the Head-Table according to protocols, made a welcome address briefly touching on the purposes of the banquet to include show of support of the widows and families of our departed brothers. The widows and families were asked to stand to be recognized. At the end of his welcome address, the Grand Knight offered the first toast, to Venerable Fr Michael J McGivney.. Other members made their toasts before Deacon Jim Lee blessed the food, the cooks, and the consumers.The buffet went smoothly which was led by the head-table.  During the dinner, beautiful melodies were played to enhance the enjoyment with the meal.  When everyone was about done with their desserts, there was a quick intermission.
The program resumed with State Deputy Jim Bett’s foreword covering his roles as and how well the Knights of Columbus continue to do great things and how we look for ways to increase the strength in our families. Father Augustine followed with his discussion on the Synods of the Bishops on the Family.  During the course of the banquet, door prize winners were randomly picked from a bag of tickets by the head-table, which kept the attendees on the edge of their seats.  Prizes consisted of  bottles of wine, which winners were warned not to open their winnings until they get home.  After the recognitions, the Grand Knight made his closing comments and asked Father Tom one more time to do the closing prayers.Before the end of the program, everyone picked up the program and joined the singing aloud the Closing Ode. All of the attendees expressed positive comments about the banquet.   Many council members claimed this banquet was one of the excellent ones, if the not best ever Founder’s Day Banquet of Council 9830.  It strengthened our fraternal unity.  We hope that the next one will surpass the last.


Founders Day


Title: Blood Drive 

Council: St. Benedicts 12290

Category: Community

Date: Multilple

Purpose of activity: To donate blood to the Blood Bank of Alaska.

Description: A couple of our members are the coordinators with the Blood Bank of Alaska and set up schedules prior to donations. These coordinators are also seen on blood drive day in the blood mobile ensuring every participant is taken care of. They also ensure that there is something given to the participant usually a voucher for a free pancake breakfast at the church. We have at least 22 donors at each drive including fellow nights and parishioners.






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