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Fraternal year 2014-2015

Title:  St Andrew Parish Advent Preparation

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Church

Date: 20 Dec 2014

Purpose of activity: Clean and decorate the church before Christmas celebrations.

Description: We scheduled Saturday, 20 Dec 2013, a project to prepare the church for Christmas. At 9:00 in the morning, 11 brother knights, 9 family members,  ladies auxiliary, 2 1st degree candidates and two sons of one of the candidates gathered in the Narthex and discussed our plan of attack. We divided in groups according to the job to be done: three vacuum cleaners, 4 glass washers, two pew wipers and the rest knelt down and scrubbed out dark scoffs from the the hallways and isle floors. After 1.5 hours, the cleaning was done. We changed direction to decorate the Naive. Some of the ladies put up two large Christmas trees and teenagers placed ornaments. The knights went to the storage room and took out close to life size plaster and wooden figurines, wooden frames and assorted items that that have numbers and markings to fit together to form the crèche. Luckily two of the knights had done it before so they acted as foreman and trainer for the rest of us new to building the nativity scene. It took us another hour and a half to set up the approximately 16 feet x 16 feet stage to hold all the figurines of the holy family, few shepherds, animals, and an angel above. It was quite a scene. When we were done, we looked at our finished work, cheered, then went to the conference room, had refreshments, and thank one another for a job well done.

Advent Preparation Advent Preparation Advent Preparation


Title:  Keep Christ in Christmas

Council: St. Benedicts 12290

Category: Church

Date: December 2014

Purpose of activity: To inhance the Advent/Christmas season. The program is for the young and old alike.

Description: There are religious Christmas cards sold along with advent wreaths and candles. This year we also sold car magnets that had a silhouette of a nativity scene and they said "Keep Christ in Christmas". There was an advent project for the children at the pancake breakfast. The kids also got to be in a Christmas play that is done at one of the Christmas Eve masses.


Title:  Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School Traffic Saftey

Council: Arctic Madonna Council 9581

Category: Church

Date: 08/21/2014

Purpose of activity: To insure the safety of the students at OLV Catholic School while moving back and forth from the school and the church form dangerously speeding traffic through the parking lot to avoid the newly installed traffic light at Peck and Bogard Roads.

Description: While talking to our priest, father Scott we learned that a problem had developed for Sacred Heart Campus since a traffic light had been installed at the corner of Bogard Rd. and Peck St. As the traffic from Peck St. approach the light on Bogard Rd. they speed through our parking lot to avoid having to wait at the light to make a left hand turn. Numerous vehicles speed through the Sacred Heart Campus parking lot. Father Scott and the school staff were concerned for the safety of the children attending Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School as they move back and forth from the school and the church for various activities.

The GK held a meeting with the head of the Wasilla Public Works Department and they recommended installing two traffic signs at the two driveways off of Peck St. If that didn't take care of the problem they felt we could install speed bumps in our parking lot. We had the signs made up an installed on steel posts concreted in. We also cut the trees and brush at the driveways to improve the sight distance.

Father Scott was so pleased that he asked us if we would also install the same to signs at the main entrance to our Sacred Heart Campus on Bogard Road. The cost to our Council was only a few hundred dollars but the reward was well worth the cost. The feed-back from Father Scott and the entire staff at the church and Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School was overwhelming and the signs have done wonders to stem the flow of speeding vehicles. We received a heartfelt thank you letter from Father Scott.

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