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Fraternal year 2013-2014

Title: ACYC Support of meals

Council: St. Benedict 12290

Category: Youth

Date: 6/3/2013

Purpose of activity: Provide meals for the Alaska Catholic Youth Conference.

Description: To provide meals for over 300 youth and leaders attending Alaska Catholic Youth Conference which was held at St. Benedicts from June 3rd-6th. The conference is to provide and strengthen knowledge of the catholic faith and community involvement for the youth of Alaska. Many come to this conference from cities outside of Anchorage for this event.


Title: St. Theresa Wilderness Lodge

Council: St. Benedicts 12209

Category: Youth

Date: 10/01/2013

Purpose of activity: To get the camp ready for the next summer and maintain throughout the year.

Description: When the camp was purchased there was a lot of work needed to get done to get ready for the winter, and also this spring to get the camp ready for the summer. This will be a work in progress. The Knights work on a lot of the Church retreats that are held at the camp. The number of hours on this project are unknown. A few things that have to be done is that the boats need to be taken up in the fall and put out in the spring time. The cabins have different things that need to be done to prepare them for the coming season.


Title: Gaga Dodgeball Pit

Council: St Benedicts 12290

Category: Youth

Date: 02/05/2014

Purpose of activity: To provide an activity area at the St. Theresa's Wliderness Camp

Description: Council donated $600 for the materials to construct a Gaga Dodge Ball Pit for St. Theresa's Wilderness Camp. The pit will provide an activity for the youth attending camp. The pit is mobile so can be rented by any youth group.


Title: Coats for Kids

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Youth

Date: 25 Nov 2013

Purpose of activity: To help provide warmth during cold season to children whose parents/guardians cannot afford to buy warmer clothings.

Description: During our August meeting, the council members agreed that there is a need in our community to support the Knights of Columbus Coats for Kids program. We decided to start doing program and designated the proceeds of our monthly after-mass meal services during September and October to purchase two boxes of Coats through the Supreme Council. At the end of October we had raised the funds to buy the coats. We collaborated with a protestant church known to hold annual food distribution to the needy before Thanksgiving Day. We asked the possibility of joining them in their facility to distribute the coats to children under the age of 16. Their pastor and staff were elated and promised that we will have our own room to fit and distribute the coats. They informed us that they will do the screening and will only bring to us the ones who really need. Words must have spread like wild fire among their church members because when we arrived, the room was already filled with assortment of donated coats and sweaters, used and new, Like the staff said, they escorted children to us and we fitted them as close as possible to their sizes. We thought we had plenty of coats to distribute but sadly to say there were more children needing coats than what we had. We learned few lessons from our first experience. We will do it again this coming season but we will be smarter in advertisement, purchase, and distribution.



Category: Youth


Purpose of activity:






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