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Fraternal year 2013-2014

Title: Hospitality for pro-life ecumenical service

Council: St. Benedicts 12290

Category: Cultrue of Life

Date: 01/19/2014

Purpose of activity: Providing hot beverages/ and cookies for the pro-life ecumenical service at Anchorage Memorial Gardens.

Description: We provided a hospitality area for those who attended the pro-life ecumenical service at Anchorage Memorial Gardens.


Title:   Ultra Sound Initiative

Council: St Benedicts

Category: Cultrue of Life12290

Date: 07/11/2013

Purpose of activity: To provide Ultra Sound equipment in a Family Planning Center.

Description: Members collected over $500 to the Supreme Council for the Ultra Sound Initiative program. There was enough money collected that in December of 2013 that there was Ultra Sound equipment to be donated to a Family Planning Center on the Kenai Peninsula. This program is made to detour abortions.



Title:  Carenet Ultra-Sound Machine Support

Council: Bishop Kaniecki 13566

Category: Cultrue of Life

Date: 10/17/2013

Purpose of activity: The purpose of this activity was to support the culture of life with an ultrasound machine for the Carenet Pregnancy Resource Center of the Tanana Valley.

Description: Our council made a commitment to help with the Ultrasound Initiative in Alaska. On August 17-18, 2013 we had Knights make a presentations at the weekend Masses about the Ultra-Sound Initiative, and then we set up a table in the vestibule of the church and talked with parishioners, gave out pamphlets, and collected donations.
We collected enough to make a $1341 contribution to the K of C Ultrasound Initiative.

On October 17th, 2013, our council hosted two tables at the Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of the Tanana Valley’s fall fund raiser banquet. We also used the event to present the center with their check for a new ultrasound machine. We invited representatives from each council in district two with their wives, the State deputy, State Treasurer, State Program Director and District Deputy and their wives, and the State Chaplin.

Our council's Prolife Chairman invited the director of Carenet to speak at all our parish Masses on the weekend of December 14-15. Then our parish dedicated the second collection from all our Christmas Masses to Carenet.

Our support for the Carenet Pregnancy Center is not only financial but spiritual as well. On February 13th, 2014 our Council Chaplin, Father Clint Landry and Prolife Chairman Tim Doval visited Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of the Tanana Valley to pray with them and to bless their new ultrasound machine. They also took the opportunity to present them with the check from Sacred Heart Cathedral’s Christmas second collection which came to $3681.00.


Title:  Shrine at St. Gregory

Council: Our Lady of Loreto Council 13056

Category: Cultrue of Life

Date: 8/15/2013

Purpose of activity: Planning, construction and completion of the Shrine at St. Gregory by the Knights of Columbus.

Description: Council 13056 has accomplished many functions during the last twelve months. Most events are supportive of the parish family at St Gregory, such as Chili cook off to support our youth. Other functions include pancake breakfast, weekly support of St. Gregory soup kitchen both by man hours and financial. One project stands out beyond all the others, that of the planning, construction and completion of the Shrine at St. Gregory. The Shrine of the Blessed Mother and Child facing the water and opposite facing the church of the Crucifix. This project took many months and included Knights, spouses, children and the entire parish in some fashion. This was the last project our good friend; pastor and brother Knight Father Jim Blaney took an active role. Father Jim's support and encouragement will always be a memorable part of this wonderful Shrine. During the construction numerous Knights from all over the lower 48 visiting from cruse ships would stop visit and take photos even though it had
not been completed. It’s very hard to pick one thing your council does from the many projects our Knights do in support of the parish, but I do think if asked the Shrine would stand out. This project began when Father Jim found the broken corpus of which we do not have an age lay on the shop garage bench. He came to the knights and requested we take on the project of restoration. Brother Walt Dangle and past Brother Chuck Johnson started the project and the Knights pitched in. Brother Johnson was called and the project lay dormant for many months.
When the project was restarted it moved quickly, installed and blessed by Bishop Burns. Something was lacking, that of the blank side facing the water side of the shrine. Meetings were held and votes taken as to install a custom carving of the Blessed Mother and Child on the water side. Carvers were interviewed and the fund raisers began. After careful review we found other than the main frame and insert foundation all had to be rebuilt. A new project of tear down and rebuild began. During the tear down a carver was selected Mr. Wojtek Tosik whose grandfather
carved the doors for Holy Mary Church in Pabianice Poland. Mr. Tosik completed the Holy Mary and Baby Jesus without telling are showing us the result until its completion. We are all very pleased with his talent and dedication. The wood he chose is that of fifteen year old African mahogony. Shrine dedicated to Father Blaney.





Category: Cultrue of Life


Purpose of activity:







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