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Fraternal year 2013-2014

Title:   Pews Embrace Wilderness Soon with the help of the Fairbanks, Alaska Knights of Columbus.

Council: 5011 and 12431

Category: Community


Purpose of activity: The redistribution of 28, 15 foot pews. 

Description: Thirteen members of Knights of Columbus Councils 5011 and 12431, and 5 Family Members assisted Father John Brocato (CPT) from the Fort Wainwright, Alaska, Good Shepard Catholic parish in the redistribution of 28, 15 foot pews.  The pews were disassembled and moved to the Fairbanks Archdiocese storage facility by the members of Archbishop Seghers’ Council 5011 along with the assistance from family members.  Members of St. Raphael’s Council 12431 along with Father Sean Thomson (St Marks Catholic Parish) conducted the down load and storage for further distribution to parishes in the various villages across the diocese.  The knights and the family members provided 69 man-hours, three vehicles and three equipment trailers to make this donation successful.

PEWS positioned for Transport

Council 12431 members


Title:   Supplies for the Homeless

Council: St Benedicts 12290

Category: Community

Date: 10/01/2013

Purpose of activity: To provide gloves, razors, and toothpaste for the homeless and the less fortunate.

Description: During the month of October there are two separate baskets put in the vestibule of the church. One is for gloves and the other for toothpaste and razors. The basket of gloves is donated at the end of the month to Brother Francis Shelter. While the basket with the toothpaste and razors is donated to Catholic Social Services. These baskets are available for all parishioners and visitors to St. Benedicts.


Title:   Food for Families

Council: St. Benedict 12290

Category: Community

Date: 03/09/2014

Purpose of activity: To provide food for the Parish food pantry.

Description: On the 2nd Sunday of each month from September through April, during pancake breakfast, we have a Lumen Christi bus for parishioners to drop off non perishable food items. Before Easter we will collect food for Easter baskets and any leftover food will be given to the Parish food pantry, We usually can help at least 20 families with baskets of food during this time. The goal is to reach 500 pounds of food.


Title:   In Support of Special Olympics

Council: Bishop Kaniecki 13566

Category: Community

Date: 9/7/2013

Purpose of activity: The purpose of this activity is to support Special Olympics in our community.

Description: On May 18th this year was the 2013 Law Enforcement Torch Run. Members of our council, each year, provide a watering station at the half way point of the race, not only to provide a resting station but to cheer the runners on. This is one of the biggest fund raiser for Special Olympics of the Tanana Valley and their opening event for the summer games.

On September 7th, 2013, our council provided a barbecue dinner for all the Special Olympics athletes and families in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. We purchased all the hamburgers, hot dogs, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, condiments, and beverages; and then we grilled all the hamburgers and hot dogs. The event was held at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. We served more than eighty special athletes and their family members. Jim Balamaci, president of Special Olympics Alaska, was also in attendance; and he thanked the Knights of Columbus in front of the whole gathering and then presented us with a plaque in appreciation of our years of continuing support for Special Olympics.

On October 5th, 2013, our council hosted a table at the Friends of Special Olympics Banquet. This is also a fund raiser for Special Olympics of the Tanana Valley were attendees can purchase seats or tables to attend. There is also a silent auction and other opportunities to donate in the form of funds or volunteering.

On October 27th, 2013, our council provided pizza for the Special Olympics Bowling Awards Dinner. Tom Malone received special recognition for getting the pizza there on time in spite of being involved in an auto accident on the way. After dinner, Special Olympics Chairman Tim Doval presented the awards to the athletes.

All of these events are done annually.


Title:   Winter Clothing Drive

Council: Bishop Kaniecki 13566

Category: Community

Date: September 22, 2013

Purpose of activity: The purpose for this activity is to collect warm clothing for the needy people of Fairbanks, especially the young people.

Description: The "Coats for Kids" program that the Supreme Council runs does not work for us in Fairbanks for a couple of reasons, so we do our own "Winter Clothing Drive" within our parish. We advertise then collect clothing in a bin in the vestibule of our church. We get coats, hats, mittens, snow pants, boots,vests, thermal wear, etc.

It's a very simple but effective program. This year during five weekends from September 22nd through October 27th, our Knights collected 15 large bags of winter clothing. We brought the clothes to the Street Outreach Program for Teenagers and to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission.

Title:   MOMDO Support

Council: Bishop Kaniecki 13566

Category: Community

Date: 10/30/2013

Purpose of activity: This activity served two purposes: 1.) To raise funds to donate to the MOMDO (dental outreach) project and 2.) to provide a pleasant social activity for our parish.

Description: On the Saturday after Thanksgiving our council served dinner for our whole parish immediately after the 5:00 PM Mass. The theme was "Don't Eat Turkey" because some folks might be tired of turkey leftovers after the holiday. Our meal featured salmon, chili, pasta, and a variety of delicious soups, salads, desserts, and drinks. Knights and spouses prepared and served everything.

We Made arrangements with the parish staff for use of the social hall and advertised for several weeks before the event. About ninety five people attended and made donations at the door. We raised $700.00 for the MOMDO project.

Title:   Law Enforcement Special Olympics Torch Run

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Community

Date: 18 May 2013

Purpose of activity: Provide support to Law Enforcement Special Olympics Torch Run

Description: This event was not included in last year's nomination since it was done after the State Convention. A US Marshall requested the presence of Honor Guards from Council 9830 (Fr Melbourne Assembly) during the opening ceremony of their Law Enforcement Special Olympics Torch Run. The Grand Knight was also asked to supervise the preparation of food since he has a Food Service certificate. Since the location of the event was within the jurisdiction of Bishop Ryan Assembly, our captain, upon approval of the District Master, coordinated with Bishop Ryan Assembly's captain and invited them to join us in this event. They agreed and sent two of the Honor Guards. As scheduled, during the opening ceremony, the honor guards from both assemblies marched sharply with the Colors towards the stage and hoisted the flags on their holders. The crowd of Special Olympias, escorts, and viewers cheered with applause before the national anthem was sung. After the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, the Honor Guards marched towards the start line and stood at attention, swords drawn, two on each side within a safe distance from the runners' path. When the 'Go' signal went off, the guards assumed Present Arms position until the last runner passed by.
At the food booth, the Grand Knight was busy directing the crew in preparing burgers and hot dogs, making sure proper sanitation is observed. The health inspector came and checked off all the criteria. The crowd was served with food prepared accordingly. Our presence contributed to the success of the Torch Run. We just received a request to do it again on 17 May 2014.


Title:   Beanie Boxes

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Community

Date: 22Dec2013

Purpose of activity: To help provide warmth during cold season to the homeless of Anchorage.

Description: Every year Council 9830 provides charity to the community in many ways. One is through services at Bean's Cafe. We serve breakfast every 5th Friday of the month. Every Advent, we collect bonnets, scarves, gloves, socks, and toiletries, place them in gift boxes we call Beanie Boxes and bring them to Bean's Cafe around Christmas time for distribution to our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Anchorage. On October 1st, we put an advertisement in the Parish Sunday Bulletin that we are collecting 200 shoe boxes and donations for the Beanie Boxes. We also had the advertisement announced before the beginning of Saturday and Sunday masses. After two weeks, we had received over 200 shoe boxes We employed the help of the Ladies of St Andrew, which is composed mainly of wives of knights of our council, to wrap the shoe boxes with Christmas wrappers. We also advertised the end date of donation collection and the date of filling the boxes. On 22 Dec2013, we invited the parishioners, particularly children to help in filling the boxes. This helped them learn and feel the joy of giving. We filled 167 boxes and delivered them to Bean's Cafe. This program is very fulfilling and participation from parishioners, Knghts and non-Knights had increased. Through this program, some of the men at St Andrew had increased their interest in joining the Knights of Columbus.

Title:   Bean's Cafe Breakfast Service

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Community

Date: 29Nov2013

Purpose of activity: Council 9830 extends charity works to the community by volunteering their personal times in helping the needy
through meal services at Bean's Cafe

Description: Members of Council9830 serve breakfast at Bean's Cafe every 5th Friday of the Month. Serving others, particularly the needy is a worthwhile experience. Members like to share these wonderful feelings of charity with their families so they involve them in this service. On 29 Nov 2013, the director of Bean's cafe was overwhelmed by the number of Knights of Columbus volunteers. They were very appreciative with our service and dedication. By wearing our KOC aprons, we represented the Knights of Columbus as a whole. The clients of Bean's Cafe know us by the organization we represent, the Knights of Columbus.






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