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Fraternal year 2013-2014

Title:   Serving Our Servers

Council: 5011

Category: Church


Purpose of activity: To show their continued support Archbishop Seghers' Council #5011, Fairbanks Alaska, held their 12th Annual Fairbanks area Altar Server/Knights of Columbus Picnic.

Description: A combined total of 75 Altar Servers, family members, Knights and Clergy attended.
Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Baked Beans, and Iced Tea and water were provided. Family members brought side dishes and desserts. Father Fred Baylor (Immaculate Conception) and Fr Sean Thomson (St. Marks) were in attendance. We hold this important annual event to recognize the efforts placed by our youth as an important part of our Liturgy.

Alter Server PicnicAlter Server Picnic

Title: Foundation for Prayer 

Council: 5011

Category: Church


Purpose of activity: To replace the much needed carpeting in the House of Prayers, in Fairbanks, AK

Description: Brothers from Council 5011, came together in order to replace the much needed carpeting in the House of Prayers, in Fairbanks, AK.  The council planned the project and worked with a local business to obtain the tile for the project.  Once the carpet was removed, there was a need for subflooring to be laid prior to laying tile.  Prior to finishing the flooring the group painted the wall of the entry, hallway and the dining area.  Once the painting was complete the subflooring and tile work began.  The group under estimated the time needed in order to complete the project, however they stuck to it and finished it approximately a week later.  During the project Bishop Kettler and Father Sean stopped by and provided there thanks to the brethren working the project.  Father Sean on several occasions stayed around to lend a helping hand and some spiritual words of wisdom.  The group was able to complete the project in order to give those that participate in daily mass and the various prayer groups a location with new flooring and fresh paint.

Man hours: 246hrs

Donations: Tile: Floor Craft
Paint: Archdiocese of Fairbanks
Sub Flooring, other materials, food and refreshments: Council 5011 and Assembly 1515 along with several donations by brothers of each organization.

Tim Jones (DGK), Joseph Malen (Chancellor), Jim Bennet (Treasurer), Bill Chrisman (FN), Dean Phillips (FC), Daniel Phillips (FP), Father Sean Thomson (FF), Mark Malyszek (Warden), Pat Dougan and Larry Duffy

Entrance to House of Prayer

New Tile and Fresh Paint in the dining area

Fresh Paint and tile leads to the chapel.

Title:   Kneeler Project

Council: St. Benedicts 12290

Category: Church

Date: 05/18/2013

Purpose of activity: This was an ongoing project. The ending of the project was the choir area.

Description: This was a church wide project to redo the kneeler that the people kneel on during mass and other activities. This was part two of the project which all the kneelers in the choir section were redone for the comfort of the choir members.


Title:   Mothers Day Roses

Council: St Benedicts 12290

Category: Church

Date: 05/19/2013

Purpose of activity: Provide roses to the Mothers of the parish on Mother's day.

Description: The Knights donated $350 to the church to go to the purchase of red roses for the Mothers attending mass on during Mother's Day Weekend.


Title:   RSVP for Seminarians

Council: St. Benedicts 12290

Category: Church

Date: 02/05/2014

Purpose of activity: To provide support to a Seminarian.

Description:We, as a council, make a $50 a month stiffen donation to a seminarian. This is to help him on his journey into priesthood.

Title:   Altar Server Recognition

Council: Bishop Kaniecki 13566

Category: Church

Date: 6/1/2013

Purpose of activity: The purpose of this activity is to recognize and thank the young people and adults who serve our parish as altar servers.

Description: Our council contacted the volunteer director who is in charge of training and scheduling the altar servers for our parish. We asked her for a list of all the names of the altar servers who have been actively serving at Mass. One of our members then went to the Regal Cinema and purchased two movie ticket coupons for each of the people on the list. Our Financial Secretary then made some beautiful certificates of appreciation for each of the people on the list. We then scheduled a weekend when our Council Chaplain could present the certificates and movie tickets to the altar servers after Mass. We intend to make this a yearly event.

Title:   "Don't Eat Turkey Dinner"

Council: Bishop Kaniecki 13566

Category: Church

Date: 10/30/2013

Purpose of activity: This activity served two purposes: 1.) To raise funds to donate to the MOMDO (dental outreach) project and 2.) to provide a pleasant social activity for our parish.

Description: On the Saturday after Thanksgiving our council served dinner for our whole parish immediately after the 5:00 PM Mass. The theme was "Don't Eat Turkey" because some folks might be tired of turkey leftovers after the holiday. Our meal featured salmon, chili, pasta, and a variety of delicious soups, salads, desserts, and drinks. Knights and spouses prepared and served everything.

We Made arrangements with the parish staff for use of the social hall and advertised for several weeks before the event. About ninety five people attended and made donations at the door. We raised $700.00 for the MOMDO project.

Title:   Chaplain and Deacon Lithurgical Gifts

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Church

Date: 23 February 2014

Purpose of activity: Give a unique and practical memento to show the council's support to our chaplain and deacon

Description: Officers decided during a meeting to give Fr Thomas Brundage and Deacon Jim Lee each a gift for being our chaplain and deacon respectively. We shared the plan with the council members and we selected to buy Fr Tom a set of Chasuble and Stole and a stole for Deacon Lee so they can use them when we celebrate our quarterly Corporate Communion, as appropriate depending on the ecumenical season. We secretly measured the size of Fr Tom's chasuble. Stoles for priests and deacons come in one-size-fits all. We purchased the set from the KOC Gear. We coordinated with Deacon Lee and the parish secretary and selected a Sunday Mass that both Fr Tom and Deacon Lee will be celebrating. Fr Tom didn't know about the item. It was scheduled that the KOC will make recruitment announcement before the blessing. Deacon Lee was not aware he was receiving a stole. All knights and families were encouraged to attend that mass and made it as corporal mass (Corporate Communion). The mass was a typical corporal mass with Honor Guards, and ministers were knights or family members of knights. After the communion, Fr Tom asked the parishioners to sit and announced that the KOC Grand Knight will talk. The grand knight made an announcement and extended his personal invitation to all men 18 or older to join the KOC. He asked all the Knights present to please stand and be recognized. The parishioners applauded. Thereafter, the GK thanked Fr Tom for his support of the KOC and for being active as their chaplain. He then summoned the Honor Guards and they marched forward holding the Chasuble and stoles. Both Fr Tom and Deacon Lee were surprised and expressed their gratitude. After the mass, five gentlemen desired to join.



Title:   St Andrew Parish Advent Preparation

Council: John A Forsting 9830

Category: Church

Date: 21 Dec 2013

Purpose of activity: Clean and decorate the church before Christmas celebrations.

Description:We scheduled Saturday, 21 Dec 2013, a project to prepare the church for Christmas. At 9:00 in the morning, 11 brother knights, 9 family members, 2 1st degree candidates and two sons of one of the candidates gathered in the Narthex and discussed our plan of attack. We divided in groups according to the job to be done: three vacuum cleaners, 4 glass washers, two pew wipers and the rest knelt down and scrubbed out dark scoffs from the the hallways and isle floors. After 1.5 hours, the cleaning was done. We changed direction to decorate the Naive. Some of the ladies put up two large Christmas trees and teenagers placed ornaments. The knights went to the storage room and took out close to life size plaster and wooden figurines, wooden frames and assorted items that that have numbers and markings to fit together to form the crèche. Luckily two of the knights had done it before so they acted as foreman and trainer for the rest of us new to building the nativity scene. It took us another hour and a half to set up the approximately 16 feet x 16 feet stage to hold all the figurines of the holy family, few shepherds, animals, and an angel above. It was quite a scene. When we were done, we looked at our finished work, cheered, then went to the conference room, had pizza, and thank one another for a job well done.







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