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Fraternal year 2012-2013

Title: 40 Days for Life C4859 Events (Anchorage) and Catholic Men for Life (March 23rd 2013) Rally 

Council: 4859, Our Lady of the Snows Council

Category: Culture of Life

Date: 40 Days for Life (Sept 25th - Nov 4th, 2012 and Feb 13th - March 24th 2012). Catholic Men for Life Rally (March 23rd 2013)

Purpose of activity: During the period of 40 Days for Life (a bi-annual event conducted Spet 25th-Nov 4th and Feb 13th-March 24th 2013) in Anchorage, Alaska ...C4859 played a role in support of this activity.

Description: During these two periods of time, our C4859 members (along with Catholics and Inter-Denomination groups) have been picketing the Planend Parenthood facility in Anchorage (that provides Abortion services). Our Worth Grand Knight Abner Picon made banners and approximately 50 posters that were donated to the organizers of the 40 Day for Life events...for the purpose of these pickets. These posters continue to be used to date.

The Sept. 25th-Nov 4th 2012 event began with a Mass held at Holy Family Cathedral on Spet 25th. Members of our council participated in that mass. An arrangement was set up in which posteres were provided to "Golden Donuts" (a donut shop located near the Planned Parenthood facility) so that people participating in the pickets during that 40 day period could check out the posters. Owner of that donut shop is a good Catholic.

Our council efforts have continued during the Feb 13th - March 24th 2013 event. Several of our council members are part of the "Catholic Men for Life" group that organized a special rally on March 23rd 2013 at the Planned Parenthood facility (located at 4001 Lake Otis Parkway) between the hours of 11 am to 1 pm. Our priest at Holy Family Cathedral encouraged men in our parish to support this rally. Pupose of this rally was to have Catholic men show up in numbers during this period of time and "PRAY THE ROSARY".

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