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Fraternal year 2012-2013

Title: Holy Fmily Cathedral "Fat Tuesday" Event

Council: 4859, Our Lady of the Snows

Category: Family

Date: February 12, 2013

Purpose of activity: Council 4859 members volunteered their time for the Holy Family Cathedral "Fat Tuesday" Family Feast.

Description: "Fat Tuesday is an event having Catholic roots in Mardi Gras. It is a feast/celebration that occurs teh Tueday before Ash Wednedsay (the start of Lent). It is a time of one last celebration in which we clean out our pantries and use up the fat, eggs, and diary before fasting and abstinence of Lent begins.

At Holy Family Cathedral, Council 4859 Knights cleanout ut the refrigerator/freezer of Holy Family Cathedral of food itmes...and prepared/servied a feast for the parishioners and their families...from those food items.

I was a great Family event that was very well attended with a fine time had by all.

Title:   40 Cans for Lent Food Drive

Council: 10798, St. Paul Miki

Category: Family

Date: 2/13/2013 - 3/27/2013

Purpose of activity: Conduct a 40 cans for lent food drive to benefit those in need and to raise awareness of the needy in our community especially during the winter months.

Description: In mid January the council decided that there was a need to focus a food drive during lent to assist the St. Francis House Food Pantry in Anchorage operated by Catholic Social Services. People tend to donate during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, but donations tend to decline after Christmas. The need is greater during the winter when people are stretched with higher heating and utility bills. St. Francis House provides a 2-day emergency supply of food and limited financial assistance to those in need. They provide 100 families with emergency food supplies daily – 2,500 pounds of food is needed every day to meet this need. In a letter from Archbishop Roger L. Schwietz, OMI to his congregation, the Archbishop highlighted the need of St. Francis House and asked that we consider this ministry during our Lenten outreach. While St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Parish monthly collects food for St. Francis House throughout the year, the Knights decided to focus on this mission and those in need during this time of the year.

The Food Drive started on Ash Wednesday and the Parish was invited to participate in this endeavor with a weekend pulpit announcement:

The Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a food drive during lent, which we are calling 40 CANS FOR LENT.

All food collected will be delivered to St. Francis House Food Pantry. Each day over 100 families come to St. Francis House in need of food and in need of hope.

We invite you to join us in the Lenten food Drive. During these 40 days of Lent we are asking each family to consider setting aside one can of food each day for St. Francis House and on Sunday when you come to Mass to feed your soul you can help feed those in need.

St. Francis of Assisi said “For it is in giving that we receive”.

Non-perishable food items are being collected in the wooden bins marked Knights of Columbus Food Drive – St. Francis House in the narthex under the window in the back. The Knights will then deliver the food to St. Francis House.

Alone I can only feed myself – but together we can feed the world. Thank You.

A banner was made and hung over the collection boxes in the Narthex. To further highlight the program, Mrs. Norman’s second grade class at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School provided artwork to highlight the food drive. This artwork was added to the food drive banner and provided to St. Francis House where it was proudly displayed on the wall for all to see. The school also highlighted the food drive in the principal’s newsletter and invited the children to participate in the Knight’s food drive.

Rather than wait to the end of the drive to deliver the food to St. Francis House, food was delivered weekly. This was beneficial to the program as the shelves were sparse at the time of year and they were distributing food as fast as it arrived. This also did not overwhelm the volunteers, who sort and stock the food items.

A total of 3,169 lbs of food was collected and delivered to St. Francis House Food Pantry. This averaged over 550 lbs of food deliver each week. In addition to collecting food, the council made a $600 cash donation to St. Francis House.

This program highlighted the desperate need for food during this time of the year and provided an opportunity for the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parishioners to reach out as a family and help those in need during their Lenten preparations. The program also highlights the role of the Knights of Columbus in helping those in need. The program was such a success, with very positive feedback that the council will be making this an annual event at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.

Food Drive Banner - end of food drive

Sign highlighting food

Grand Knight Kevin Adler next to food collecitons bins.

Food collection bins

Artwork by Mrs. Norman's 2nd Grade class displayed at St. Francis House

Title: Adoption Fundraising Dinner 

Council: 1760, Archbishop Fundraising Dinner

Category: Family

Date: September 21, 2012

Purpose of activity: Raise money for a family that is member to the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Council 1760 to assist in their efforts to adopt a child from China.

Description: On September 21, 2012, Archbishop Seghers Council #1760 hosted a fundraising dinner to benefit the St. Gabriel family in their efforts to adopt a five year old girl from China. We are proud to announce it was a rousing success, as evidenced by the new addition to
our parish family!

This is the first picture the St. Gabriel family saw of their new daughter Jian Ying. Jian Ying, which means “River” in English, now prefers to be called River and currently speaks English better than the parish’s native New Yorker Grand Knight! River’s mother, Clare teaches Sunday school at the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Juneau and her father Nicholas is the Recorder for Archbishop Seghers Council 1760 at the Cathedral. The St. Gabriels, now five strong, were the recipient of Council 1760’s Family of the Month Award for February 2013.

The dinner was so well attended, that the brothers of Council 1760 had to hurriedly find more silverware and tables to accommodate the plethora of attendees that packed the Cathedral Parish Hall. The parish community responded magnificently, as the Breeze In and Martha’s flowers, both local businesses owned and operated by fellow Knights donated beer and wine to the dinner and flowers which adorned the parish hall. Live music was provided by Doug Smith and his daughter who took turns playing piano for the entire evening.

Brothers of Council 1760 dedicated their entire day to this dinner; which was a very refined sit-down quality thanks to the Knights who showed up in force to help the St. Gabriel Family. Knights Oscar Bugayong and Dante Reyes provided a mouthwatering menu of pancit and pork adobo with rice and mixed vegetables, while wives of Knights and others in the parish donated dozens of desserts to a live dessert auction which alone raised over $700.

By the end of the night, the Cathedral parish and Juneau community had a delicious dinner, bought some delectable desserts that the Food Network would be envious of, and the Knights had raised $4,700 for the St. Gabriel Family who are now complete with the addition of River.

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