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Fraternal year 2012-2013

Title: Council 4859 Recruitment Efforts Duing 2012-2013 Fraternal Year 

Council: 4859, Our Lady of the Snows

Category: Council

Date: July 1st 2012 to Present

Purpose of activity: Council 4859 recruitment efforts during fraternal year 2012-2013.

Description: Since the begining of the Fraternal Year (2012-2013), C4859 has been actively recruiting members into our council.

Our Worthy Grand Knight Abner Picon constructed a display booth that now reside at Holy Family Cathedral (in the downstairs dining area).

At our Sunday Breakfast monthly events (held the 3rd Sunday of each month) and at special events hosted by our council at Holy family Catherdral....we have been using the booth to answer questions about the Knights of Columbus, distribute Knights of Columbus brochures, and signing up Knights to join our counicl. The booth has proven to be a very successful tool to promote the Knights.

Our Worthy Grand Knight also established a Round Table at the St. Nicholas Myra Byzantine Catholic Church in this fraternal year.. THis resulted in new Knights joining our council.

In working with our priests at Holy Family Cathedral, we have also been able to get new members form the Catholic Mens Group (at Holy Family Cathedral) and from the Newman Center College group (here in Anchorage, AK).

At the time of this report (March 21st 2013), C4859 has already added 13 First Degree Knights to our council. We are looking a making Double Star Council (18 First Degree Knights) by the end of this fraternal year....thanks to these measures.

Title: Kneeler repair 

Council: 12290, St. Benedict

Category: Council

Date: March 16, 2013

Purpose of activity: The kneelers inside St. Benedict church was in need of repair to make the church look better also to prevent possible knee injuries.

Description: At the February 2013 business meeting, our chaplain also who is our pastor Fr. Leo Walsh, had mentioned the kneelers in the church were in bad need of repair. AT that point I started organizing a work group. Br. Rich Owens seeked out through his contacts and got us a good deal on material and padding. On the 9th of March, approximately 13 men met at the church and had put in 3 hours of work. It was basically used to find out how ling it would take to strip, repad, and replace new canvas on the kneelers. On the 26th of March, there were 23 men who met at the church at 8am and worked until 3:30pm. We completed repairing all 150 kneelers by the end of the day. During the 16th we did break for a pizza lunch. Names of the individuals who helped out with the project along with pictures have been forwarded to the Grand Knight, Fr. Walsh and all parishioners were pleased with the final outcome of the project.


TITLE: The Power of One- The Most Holy One

Council: 8308, Northern Lights Council, North Pole, Alaska

Category: Council

Dates: Father’s Day 2012 to Divine Mercy Sunday 2013

Purpose of Activity: To recruit new Knights and establish a Roundtable at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Kodiak, Alaska by using the ideas expressed in the Power of One program from Supreme, as well as providing the parishioners and future Knights with a pair of spiritual formations to lay a firm foundation on which to unite and bond the members and their families.

Northern Lights Council has been on an active recruitment campaign throughout the entire 2012-2013 Fraternal Year, and as a result have netted more new Knights than ever before in our council’s almost 30 year history. The council took the Power of One presentation from Supreme, and by adding a bit of a twist, decided to include a spiritual element of the Power of the Most Holy One. Instead of concentrating on just 1 new Knight Candidate a month, the council concentrated on the adoption and formation of a Roundtable at St. Mary’ Catholic Church on the island of Kodiak, AK, which is about 555 miles from North Pole.

Our PGK and Membership Director Mike Welch visited St. Mary’s Catholic Church over Father’s Day weekend, and did so to determine the needs and wants of the pastor, Father Joseph Classen. Mike was met and guided around Kodiak and the church by parish administrator and Brother Knight Frank Nuno to determine the needs of the community, as well as the desires of the men to become Knights. He was very fortunate to meet Mrs. Blanca Claypool of the Catholic lay group of the Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy, which had recently formed and had been meeting for a few months at the Marian Center on Church grounds. Mike was made aware of the strong devotion that the lay group had to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and thus made a pact with them to participate with them in a novena and lecture series in return for likely candidates to join KofC.

On December 10, he returned with the travelling KofC icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe and its prayer program, which was infused with a novena that concluded at 6 am on December 12, 2012, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mike gave 3 lectures on the Secrets and Truths of the Image and Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe; 1 in English, 1 in Spanish, and 1 bilingual over a two night timeframe. From that spiritual foundation 6 men came to an Admissions Committee meeting, and they were found acceptable to the pastor. Their Form 100’s were voted on by host Council 8308 in January, 2013, and the men were notified to be prepared to take their First and Second Degrees on the weekend of March 8-10.

In March, accompanied by Alaska Ceremonials Chairman Kevin Adler from Anchorage, the team performed a total of 5 ceremonies; a 1st Degree in Spanish and two 1st Degrees in English, followed by a 2nd Degree in English and Spanish. There were also 2 new candidates from the Catholic Chapel of the US Coast Guard Station in Kodiak. The net effect of the past eight months was that there were now 8 men that were new Knights, and each and every one of them was set out to earn their Knights in Shining Armor Award. Brother Frank Nuno was the Honoree of the 1st Degree, and Father Joseph for the 2nd Degree. Mike then coordinated his next visit to be over Divine Mercy weekend, where the Knights would each participate in a program to promote the icon of Divine Mercy as well as the KofC Divine Mercy Hour of Prayer, and meet with the insurance agent.

Mike was accompanied to St. Mary’s over Divine Mercy weekend by Field Agent George Neurerberg, Brother Jeff Gibson, and last but not least State Deputy James Betts. Mike acted as C.O. of the 3rd Degree, Brother Jeff as the Presenter of the Fraternal Charge, SD Betts as the Warden, and George was the Audio/Visual Technician. Six of the 8 men were able to attend, as well as a former 3rd Degree member who had not been active for the past 7 years. Pope Francis was the Honoree of that ceremony. A Corporate Mass followed, where the 6 men were redubbed 3rd Degree Knights in front of their families and the congregation. Father John Monahan, US Navy Chaplain from the Kodiak Coast Guard Station came to say the Mass and extended a special blessing on these new Knights for being willing to take up the Cross of Christ on behalf of their parish. The following day was Divine Mercy Sunday, with another Corporate Mass, followed by pot luck at the Kodiak Teen Center, and Mike gave a 25 minute presentation on Divine Mercy. He drew upon his more than 15 years of experience as a member of the Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy. Then there was the very well attended Divine Mercy Hour of Prayer with music and the Chaplet recited in both English and Spanish from 2:30-3:30. It was stated by one of the wives that “this was the first spiritual function offered by the Knights in this parish” and another stated that “it was truly remarkable to see these 6 men make a public display of their devotion to uphold their church!”

And how well did the Spirit grow? So far 3 brother Knights that have not been active in the order for 7 years have come back to the fold. And the Monday after Divine Mercy, a candidate came to the rectory at 8:15 in the morning seeking the honors of the 1st Degree, and a private ceremony was held to accommodate his needs. All told, there are now 12 Knights at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, these men that are now on their journey to build up their parish and to spread the Good News!





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