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Fraternal year 2012-2013

Title: Blue Mass 

Council: Archbishop Seghers Council 1760 and Bishop Kenny Council 11757

Category: Community

Date: August 26, 2012

Purpose of activity: The Blue Mass is meant to thank active duty and retired members of the armed forces, law enforcement, fire/rescue and correcitons for their service to our communities and country.

Description: On August 26, 2012, Archbishop Seghers Council #1760 and Bishop Kenny Council #11757 in Juneau, Alaska held a Blue Mass to honor the service of active duty and retired law enforcement, fire/rescue, corrections and military personnel to their community and country. The principal celebrant of the mass was His Excellency Bishop Edward Burns, with St. Paul’s parish priest, and United States Air Force Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Travers concelebrating. Additionally, Archbishop Crimont Assembly #1992 provided a four man honor guard. The mass was followed by a barbeque outside the church for all mass attendees.

The Blue Mass in Juneau has become a wonderful tradition and each year’s mass provides a foundation for the next year’s mass. Just like in years past, every member of both Juneau Councils, 11757 and 1760 contributed to this mass’ preparation by spreading the word throughout the community and inviting those who protect and safeguard our community to be recognized. Invitations were published in the Capital City Weekly, the Southeast Catholic, as well as the bulletins of both the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Paul the Apostle.

The Mass was extraordinarily well attended, with a Capital City Fire Rescue Captain, a Juneau Police Department lieutenant and sergeant, several United States Coast Guard officers, as well as too many uniformed and plainclothes federal agents, police officers, state troopers, corrections officers, firefighters, and veterans to count. The curb at St. Paul the Apostle Church was abounding with law enforcement and fire/rescue vehicles
and we were blessed with a USCG 25’ search and rescue vessel accompanied by her crew from USCG Station Juneau. His Excellency Bishop Burns gave a stirring and moving homily, met with uniformed personnel after the mass, and blessed all the emergency and rescue vehicles present. The mass, aside from being so well attended was beautifully done, with the Fourth Degree providing an honor guard consisting of the State Deputy for the State of Alaska James C. Betts, Past State Warden Leo DeMeo, Grand Knight Frank Bonadonna and Deputy Grand Knight Peter Baker. The music ministers played beautiful music during the liturgy and the City of Juneau Pipe Band serenaded the church with five bagpipes bringing home the purpose for this mass.

Title:   Chinook Minor League Baseball Team Support

Council: 9830, John A. Forsting

Category: Community

Date: 07/20/2012

Purpose of activity: Provide support o a Christian-based baseball team composed of college students from different universities.

Description: The Knights of Columbus Council9830 volunteered to provide ushers during the home games of the Eagle River-Chugiak Chinook Minor League Baseball Team at the Loretta French Park. The Knight ushers mainly monitored safety for players and audience. They were also tasked to remind players and spectators that foul language should not be used in the stands and would escort rowdy and non-compliant individual from the game. There were 19 scheduled home games where at least two knights attended and ushered without difficulties with the crowd. Games finished without occurrences.

The Knights also sold split-the-pot tickets where council earned closed to $600 towards their gaming account.

At the last game, the Knights provided the team members and staff free meal composed of grilled salmon, moose with all the trimmings. The team expressed appreciation for the Council's initiative.



Title: Bear Paw Parade 

Council: 9830, John A Forsting

Category: Community

Date: July 13, 2012

Purpose of activity: KOC Council 9830 participated in the success of Bear Paw Festival Parade in Eagle River, A K

Description: For 15 years or so, the KOC Council 9830 had been supporting the community of Eagle river by working as marshals during the Annual Bear Paw Parade. At early 6:30 AM, the Knights gather at the Eagle River Elementary School and get briefings on details of the parade. Around 7:30 they start staging floats, bands, military marchers, walkers, and other components of the parade. At around 1100 AM, they guide the parade to smooth flow, monitoring safety to traffic, parade participants and spectators.

Four years ago, to increase visibility of the KOC, Council 9830 built a float large enough to carry 10 adults distributed evenly. The float is a replica of Santa Maria, one of the three ships of Christopher Columbus. The float and its cannons emitting smoke-like baby powder added to the oohs and aahs from the spectators. Aside from taking part in the parade, Santa Maria spreads ProLife message through a large banner.


Title: Bean's Cafe 

Council: 9830, John A Forsting

Category: Community

Date: November 30,2012

Purpose of activity: Council 9830 extends charity works to the community by volunteering their personal times in helping the needy through meal service and Christmas gift donations at Beans Cafe.

Description: Every 5th Friday of the Month, at 7:30 AM, volunteers from KOC Council 9830 meet a t Bean's Cafe in 3rd Avenue, Anchorage to help serve breakfast to an average of 300 individuals comprising mostly of homeless people. Many times, knights bring with them their spouses and children to experience the real feeling of serving. Because most members of the council work on weekdays, there is only limited number of them being able to attend , although many take turns to take personal leave to experience the uplifting feeling of serving the less fortunate members of the society. Council 9830 had been doing this charity work for over ten years.

Around Christmas time, Council 9830 collects g loves, scarfs, hats, socks, toiletries and other personal itmes, place into gift boxes called Beany Boxes and deliver them to Bean's Cafe before Christmas for distribution to their clients. The council do the Beany Boxes every year.






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