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Fraternal year 2012-2013

Title: Dinner Reception to Support Priestly and Religious Vocations 

Council: 4859, Our Lady of the Snows

Category: Church

Date: January 26, 2013

Purpose of activity: On January 26th 2013, Council 4859 hosted a dinner fundrasing event in support of Priestly and Religious Vocations at Holy Family Cathedral.

Description: council 4859 provides on free spaghetti dinner event to help out our various ministries at Holy Family Catherdral as a fundraising event.

For this fraternal year, the free spaghetti dinner event focused on a fundraiser that would benefit Prieslty and Religious Vocations.

Aspirants who would like to go into the priesthood or become a nun need to resolve their student loans before being accpeted. This is a problem area.

One of our aspirants, Tara Clemens (a parishioner at Holy family Catherdral), is such a aspirant seeking to become a nun in a Dominican order in Menlo Park, CA. until her student loan is resolved she cannot enter their program.

In a effort to help Tara raise monies to help pay for her student loan, our council (with blessing of our priests at Holy Family Cathedral) conducted this free spaghetti dinner event. Monies from this event went towards resolving her student loan through "The Labour Society" program.

The event resulted in $1300 raised twoards this event.


Title:   RSVP (Religious Support Vocations Program)

Council: 9830, John A. Forsting

Category: Church

Date: FY 20l2/20l3

Purpose of activity: Council 9830 supports two Seminarians, Patrick Brosamer and Arthur Roraff, with financial assistance and moral
support during their seminarian formation for priesthood.

Description: Since our Council's founding in 1988 we have conscientiously supported the Religious Support Vocations program. Over the past 20 plus years we have supported three seminarians that have gone onto become priest, serving in  the Anchorage and Juneau Diocese. We also supported a female parishioner from St. Andrew's that joined and professed her vows to the Sisters of Mercy.

Currently, our Council is supporting both with funds and letters two seminarians that are nearing the completion of their formation for priesthood. At Christmas, the Council provided each seminarian with a $250 check and sent a Christmas card signed by all members attending our December business meeting. Individual Knights within our Council keep in contact with these two seminarians by mail and email. This Easter th e Council will again write individual checks for $250 for each seminarian and send along the Council's prayers in an Easter card.

Whenever the seminarians are in town they are invited to our meetings to enlighten us with their formation progress or any other topics that would be pertinent to the Council.

Lastly, our Fourth Degree Color Guard Knights plan to attend the ordination of these seminarians if held in the Anchorage area.

Title:   First Friday Rosary

Council: 9830, John A. Forsting

Category: Church

Date: Each First Friday

Purpose of activity: The Knights of Council 9830 believe in the power of pray and gather at St. Andrews Church in Eagle River Alaska on the First Friday of each month to pray the Rosary of the Most Blessed V irgin Mary.

Description: Each first Friday of every month, at 7:00 PM, the Knights of Council 9830 gather at St. Andrew's Holy Roman Catholic Church to pray the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These first Friday rosaries are often dedicated to a parishioner who has requested our prayers for the special intentions of our Holy Father the Pope in Rome.

The Knights have invited all parishioners of St. Andrews to participate in these first Friday rosaries and often times entire families have shown up to pray the rosary with the Knights. Husbands and wives have participated in these rosaries by having the wife read from the Scriptural Rosary booklet and the husband reciting the Our Father and Hail Mary of each decade of the rosary.

Children of Knights have also participated by also reading the Scriptural Rosary text and the father of the child reciting the Our Father and Hail Mary's.

Attendance a t the First Friday Rosary varies from a handful o f Knights t o over a dozen Knights, with their spouses and children, plus parishioners that have come to pray the First Friday Rosary with the Knights.

First Friday Rosary with the Knights was started a number o f years ago but has continued to be a Church program the Knights of Council 9830 support and attend on a continual basis.

Title:   Rosary for Life

Council: 9830, John A. Forsting


Date: First Sunday

Purpose of activity: The Knights of Council 9830 pray a Rosary for Life every First Sunday of the month. This rosary is offered up in
prayer to end abortion, euthanasia, and to change the Culture of Death Pope John Paul II warned the Catholic faithful about.

Description: About seven years or eight years ago, the Knights of Council 9830 decided we needed to put our faith into action and embrace the power of praying the rosary given to us in our First Degree. To this end Knights of Council 9830 have prayed a Rosary which we call the "Rosary for Life" after the First Sunday Mass of each month. Since the inception of this "Rosary for Life" at St. Andrew's Parish we have seen a consistent attendance of Knights and fellow parishioners joining us every First Sunday. This "Rosary for Life" is usually prayed after our ten o'clock Mass. We have had as many as thirty or more Knights and parishioners join in us in praying this Rosary and the Grand Knight has scheduled it on our Council's calendar for the entire year and placed it on the Parish Bulletin. The Knights of Council 9830 intend to continue praying this First Sunday Rosary for Life until abortion is ended and respect for all human life is acknowledged from conception until death.

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