Knights Of Columbus
Alaska Knights In Action

Title: Pro-Life Through Ages & Stages
Council 12290
Category: Pro-Life
Date: See below
Purpose of activity: Providing information, education, and opportunity to engage in Pro-Life issues to all ages of our parish.
Description: We presented to all grade levels in our CCD program as well as our youth group.  This year we also presented to the adults in our parish. 

On January 1, 2011 we presented to students in Kindergarten through 4th grade.  For the kindergarten, we did a puppet show entitled "How Special You Are."  We also handed out "Celebrate Life" bookmarks and "Children are a gift from God" pencils.  1st Grade - We showed the Veggie Tales movie "God Loves You" and handed out an activity sheet and pencils that say "Children are a gift from God."  2nd Grade - We discussed and handed out a book titled "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you" as well as handed out the "Children are a gift from God" pencils.  3rd Grade - We read "Horton Hears a Who: A person's a person no matter how small" and we handed out the "Celebrate Life" bookmarks and "Children are a gift from God" pencils.  4th Grade - We discussed respecting all Stages of life as well as role playing with replicas of different cultural and ages of families.  We also handed out the "Celebrate Life" bookmarks and "Children are a gift from God" pencils.

 On January 9, 2011 we presented to the students in grades 5th through 8th.  For the 5th & 6th grades we presented on "How All People Are Special", we played part of "You are a masterpiece" DVD, and each student held a replica of a 12 week old pre-born baby.  We also handed out "Celebrate Life" bookmarks and "Children are a gift from God" pencils.  7th & 8th grades - We presented on "Respecting Life," we showed part of "Youth Marching for Life in Washington."  They also held a replica of a 12 week old pre-born baby, and we handed out several Respect Life bookmarks and the Children are a gift from God" pencils.

 On March 16, 2011 we presented the the parish youth group, which is comprised of high school students and young adults.  We showed the entire DVD "You Are A Masterpiece" followed by a discussion.  They were all given a replica of a 12 week old pre-born baby and they were asked to name it and we had them begin praying for that child's safety using the "Spiritual Adoption" prayer.

 On October 7 & 8, 2010 and on February 13, 2011 we presented to the adults of the parish.  We gave them Pro-Life prayer calendars and informational flyers from the Confraternity of Catholic Bishops.  We also updated our Pro-Life bulletin board with take home flyers and information on Pro-Life issues and community services.

Title: Paint Project

Council 12290

Category: Church

Date: Fall of 2010

Purpose of Activity: Repainting the trim on the Church.

Description: Father Moore asked that the trim boards that where chipping be repainted before winter.  Brother Knights Ed Cunningham, Bernie Freeman, and Dan Carpenter completed the work.  Old chipping paint was removed and primer was used on the bare wood.  Then a final coat of paint was applied.

Title: Blood Drives

Council 12290

Category: Community

Date: 8/28/10, 10/31/10, 1/2/11, 3/6/11, 5/8/11 (scheduled)

Purpose:  To provide blood for medical situations

Description: Blood drives were held at St. Benedict's Church parking lot using the Bloodmobile.  For each drive (there were 5 in all) information was put in the church bulletin a few weeks before the drive.  A sign up sheet was posted in the back of the church.  Each of our past contributors was contacted to see if they wanted to donate at our upcoming blood drive.  On the day of the drive anyone that does not arrive at the scheduled time are given a reminder call.  We normally get about 20 units donated at each drive.

Title: Kid's sock drive for Catholic Social Services

Council 12290

Category:  Community

Date: 8/1/10

 Purpose:  To provide kids socks for all of the Catholic Social Services many programs.

 Description:  Information was put in the church bulletin a few weeks before the drive.  A decorated box was put in the back of the church for collection purposes.  The box was emptied as needed.  Arrangements were made to drop off the proceeds of the drive with a person from Catholic Social Services.  A thank you was put in the bulletin for all the people who so generously donated. 

 277 pairs of socks were collected.

 Title:  Glove drive for Catholic Social Services

Council 12290

Category:  Community

Date: 11/1/10

Purpose:  To provide gloves for all of the Catholic Social Services many programs.

Description:  Information was put in the church bulletin a few weeks before the drive.  A decorated box was put in the back of the church for collection purposes.  The box was emptied as needed.  Arrangements were made to drop off the proceeds of the drive with a person from Catholic Social Services.  A thank you was put in the bulletin for all the people who so generously donated.

65 pairs of gloves were collected.

138 hats, carves and misc. items were also collected.

Title:  Razor drive for Catholic Social Services

Council 12290

Category:  Community

Date: 11/1/10

Purpose:  To provide shaving razors for all of the Catholic Social Services many programs.

Description:  Information was put in the church bulletin a few weeks before the drive.  A decorated box was put in the back of the church for collection purposes.  The box was emptied as needed.  Arrangements were made to drop off the proceeds of the drive with a person from Catholic Social Services.  A thank you was put in the bulletin for all the people who so generously donated.

227 razors were collected.

 Title:  Toothbrush & tooth paste drive for Catholic Social Services

Council 12290

Category:  Community

Date: 11/1/10

Purpose:  To provide toothbrushes & tooth paste for all of the Catholic Social Services many programs.

Description:  Information was put in the church bulletin a few weeks before the drive.  A decorated box was put in the back of the church for collection purposes.  The box was emptied as needed.  Arrangements were made to drop off the proceeds of the drive with a person from Catholic Social Services.  A thank you was put in the bulletin for all the people who so generously donated.

Drive is scheduled for May 2011

Title: Ketchikan Knights of Columbus Assist at “Project Homeless Connect”
Council:  11321
Category: Community Service
Date Project Conducted: January 21, 2011
Purpose of Activity:
Respond to the needs of the poor.
Description: In an attempt to respond to the needs of the poor in Ketchikan, First City Services hosted “Project Homeless Connect” on the 21st of January this year at the First Methodist Church. The Ketchikan Knights of Columbus council 11321 figured prominently, providing free dental and legal services to those most in need.

The event was organized by parishioner and longtime homeless advocate Mary Schulz, whose husband, Tom, a Knight of Columbus and former Superior Court judge, provided pro bono legal consultations.


Also assisting were Knights Terry Thompson, a dentist and LeRoy Roth, who celebrated 50 years' membership in the Order this April.

Brothers LeRoy Roth and Terry Thompson, arriving about 8 AM, immediately began to set up dentistry operations in a most inauspicious “office” - a spare broom and mop closet - unpacking a portable dental chair and light.  Curiosity was rampant. Some of the questions asked were: “Is that a massage chair? “You gonna pull teeth?”


Dr. Thompson was glad to have had at least running water and reliable electricity. He had worked in more difficult environments. He and his wife, Carolyn, had twice traveled overseas to provide dental care to the indigent: first, in Cochabamba, Bolivia (2003-2004) and then in Bao Toa, Inner Mongolia (2007).


It was their first trip, to Cochabamba, that provided a memory that still brings tears to Brother Terry's eyes. A boy of about ten brought his younger brother to the clinic, a five-year-old, in evident pain. On examination Dr. Thompson discovered a pulverized baby molar whose sharp roots had actually penetrated the boy's cheek. He had never seen anything like it in the U.S. Though not having adequate anesthetic he removed the tooth and sent the boy home. Weeks later, Dr. Thompson was in town when he was abruptly “tackled” at about knee-level. Looking down he found the “assailant” to be this same five-year-old patient. His ear-to-ear smile communicated what the language barrier could not.

On this particular day in Ketchikan approximately 16 patients were examined and triaged. Acute cases would be treated first, the main thrust being pain relief.

Council 11321 of the Knights of Columbus was instrumental in augmenting Dr. Thomas's portable dental equipment.

Title: “I am my Brother’s Keeper”
Council:  8308
Category: Council
Date Project Conducted: 2010 - 2011
Purpose of Activity:
Northern Lights Council 8308 had this years slogan, “I am my Brother’s Keeper!” on its mind, as it decided to sponsor an ice sculpture in the annual “North Pole Christmas in Ice” carving competition, where a ‘Christmas’ theme is required for the entries. The task was to combine the two into a thought provoking sculpture; contemplating how we often relegate Christ’s birth to something that just happened 2000 plus years ago, as just a part of history.

But don’t we need to bring Him into our modern world? How fitting we should hear Fr. Robert Fath, pastor of St. Nicholas Catholic Church express that sentiment in his sermon, almost in those exact words, on the thought of bringing Christ into the present time. It was seen as a good sign.

Jesus is our Brother as we are all Children of God. We all have to do our part in lifting Him up for the world to see. Council 8308 wanted to send that message to the thousands of people that visited the ice park after the ice sculpture competition. We so often forget the real “Reason for the Season” and allow the secular celebration to overshadow “Christ in Christmas.”

Living in Alaska always provides interesting cultural things to learn from.  One such thing is a “Yaaruin” - a Yupik Eskimo story knife.  This tool was used to illustrate oral stories during story telling.  A simple piece of drift wood carved into a shape of a knife. The “Yaaruin” is used to first smooth moist sand with the flat side to create a ‘blank’ page, on which the story teller illustrate the tale. The pointed edge then was used to draw in the sand, illustrating the story, bringing it to life.

Ice artist Aino’s Yaaruin” is a sharp chainsaw and a set of chisels. An ice block becomes her sand, as she illustrate in 3D, her vision of “I am my Brothers Keeper.” For a smooth finish she used an angle grinder and a die grinder, which looks like a Dremmel on steroids, to put on the final edge in the finishing details.

Aino’s idea was a contemporary family presenting the Christ Child to us, lifting Him up. Below the parents. raising Him high in the air for the whole world to see, is the little girl climbing up on a chair to help. She symbolizes the future; our children still longing to be with Christ, as His brothers and sisters. She will make that extra effort, stretching out of her comfort zone, even to just get to touch Him. She is the hope of our faith in the future, her persistence and willingness to go to any length to do so, show all Catholics a shining example that we should do likewise. May we retain her childlike wonder in our relationship to Christ!

Knights from 8308 also volunteered for the ice park to make it a safe and well run event, both for the carvers and for the more that 5000 visitors over the month of December!

Title: Grad Blast 2010 Volunteers
Council:  9830
Date Project Conducted:
Purpose of Activity:
Description: Each year the Grad Blast event is an all night “Graduation Party” for all graduating seniors
from both Eagle River and Chugiak High School’s.  The purpose of this event is to provide a fun,
safe and controlled environment without alcohol, drugs or weapons.   Knights of Columbus volunteers
for Security, Kitchen, BBQ, Cleanup,  and other areas of need.   Especially security to make sure all of the
youth are safe.  Knights serve in time slots from 9:30 pm-1:30 am and 1:30 pm to 5:30 am.. 
This event is an Eagle River/Chugiak event that is supported by the John A Fortsting Knights of Columbus.
Several Knights gave of their time and talents to provide security and food services.  This is a yearly event
the Knights have supported for countless years. It helps us to be seen out in the community, and to associate
with the young men graduating from High School and possibly recruit new Knights to the council.

Title: Confirmation Retreat Assistance
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: February 18-20, 2011
Purpose of Activity:
Description:  The Confirmation Team was looking for a couple of adult men and women who would be willing to go on the Confirmation Retreat scheduled for the weekend of February 18-20.  They wanted to have an adult presence in each of the young people’s cabins at the Boy Scout Camp Gorsuch for safety.  These are really enjoyable weekends for the Confirmandi and the adult chaperones.  The Knights of Columbus John A Forsting Council was asked if they could help with male chaperones, cooks, and security for the Confirmation Retreat.   Several Knights gave of their time to help the church Confirmation Retreat staff in these areas.  Knights helped cook breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  Knights were dorm monitors for the male cabins, and also provided security during the night for the facility so that everyone was safe and accounted for.  The Knights assist the Faith Formation of St. Andrew Parish with several of these types of events when they are needed. 

Title: Bear Paw Parade
Council: 9830
Description: The Knights of Columbus in Eagle River are asked every year by the E.R. Chamber of Commerce if we can assist them with the Annnual Bear Paw Parade.  The Knights undertake the marshalling of the parade and ensure the safety of the float riders and the spectators.  Usually 20 to 30 Knights are needed for this major undertaking.   The Knights help to stage the floats in a designated area.  They provide security for the floats and the volunteers working the floats.  They provide parking assistance for cars, and traffic assistance blocking roads for the parade route.  Our volunteer efforts with this task saves the E.R. Chamber thousands of dollars each year that they may have to pay others to do. 
This year marked the 2nd year that the Knights also held a position in the parade with their float.  The Santa Maria, a replica of Christopher Columbus' boat was in the parade again this year.  We had around 20 Knights and spouses riding in the float as well as walking with the float thru the parade.  The council takes this opportunity to share the PRO - LIFE  message by carrying Pro Life signs, and there are Pro-Life banners along the bottom of the float.  
This event draws spectators from Anchorage to Wasilla with tousands of spectators watching the parade.  This event was published in the local Alaska Star newspaper, as well as promoting the Knights of Columbus in Chamber of Commerce advertisements and special recognitions. 

Title: Eagle River BBQ Throwdown in support of Sr. Camilla
Date Project Conducted: May 15-16, 2010
Description: It's More than a Breakfast.....More than A Brunch.  This is a Knights Barbeque Throwdown
IN SUPPORT OF SR. CAMILLA!   Saturday May 15th after 5:30 Mass and Sunday May 16th
after both morning masses on the south plaza.   The top Grill-Masters from John A Forsting Council

9830 cooked their best barbeque recipes!  Accompanied by homemade coleslaw and homemade
baked beans! The winner was determined by a vote of the parishioners!
The Knights arranged, planned, and prepared all the food necessary for a true television style Throwndown Event like
the Home cooking show!  Parishioners voted with their votes and their dollars as a way to raise money for Sister Camilla.
The council supports Sister Camilla through supplementing her rent and expenses as well as some extra recreational
and discretionary spending money.


Title: Wreath Across America
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted:

For the 4th(?) year in a row now, the John A. Forsting Council has sponsored the campaign for Wreaths
Across America (W.A.A.).  This is a National charitable campaign that we joined forces with.  They lay
wreaths on the gravesites of fallen soldiers at all the National Cemeteries throughout the U.S. and several foreign
American Cemeteries. 
The Knights were assisted by several other organizations like The Birchwood Civil Air Patrol, ROTC classes from
several local high schools, Boy Scouts & Cub Scout Troops, and military personnell who had heard about the event.
With all of our effords we were able to blanket several sections of the Fort Richardson National Cemetery AND
The Sitka National Cemetery with almost 700 wreaths in Anchorage and over 500 wreaths placed in Sitka.  
A total of nearly 1200 wreaths. There were over a dozen Knights on hand as well as Knight's son;s to help with the laying of wreaths
Several of these fallen heros are Knights, Past Grand Knights, District Deputies, local military soldiers killed in Dessert Storm,
Iaraqui Freedom, and Afganistan.    The ultimate goal is to have every headstone decorated for Christmas with an estimated
13,000 wreaths for Fort Richardson alone.

Title: Bean's Cafe Support
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: Quarterly basis.
Description:  Every year the John A Forsting Council with the help of St. Andrew Parish in Eagle River give to the less fortunate in several ways. 
On a quarterly basis 4 to 7 Knights go downtown to the Bean;s Cafe and help serve breakfast to the homeless people of Anchorage.  These Knights and sometimes their wives serve food to 50 to 100 people that come thru the doors that morning looking for a warm smile and a hot meal.  The Knights have relayed how humbling of an experience this can be.  It is encouraged that ALL of our council tries this at least once to experience the true feeling. 
Sometimes the Knights come early and help with preparing the meals, or stay later and help clean up after the breakfast crowd.
Knights help the residents of Bean's Cafe in another way at Christmas.  John A Forsting Council's Annual Beanie Box Campaign. The Knights collect common household toiletries for the visitors of Bean's Cafe so that they can have them to use when needed. This includes tooth brushes, tooth paste, combs, brushes, shaving cream, razors, cotton swabs, Q-tips, soap, shampoo, deodorant, and more!  BUT, most of all the Knight's raise money and donations for warm gloves, hats, and sometimes scarves for the residents who do not have warm winter clothing. 
Among other personal ways that the Knight's families serve Bean's Cafe through donating clothes, furniture, and more for residents who are looking for jobs, or in need of a warm winter coat for themselves, a wife, or children.   The Knights support the charitable works done at Bean's Cafe and they help our council to remember that "we are our brother's keeper".

Title: Sister Camilla
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: 2010

Sister Camilla Menting has been the cornerstone of Saint Andrew Parish for over 2 decades!  She is loved by everybody and she loves everybody.  She is a part of our homes, families, and lives.  Due to health concerns Sister Camilla finally retired in 2010 and returned to her mother house.   This was a major undertaking for over a dozen Knights and their wives as well as other parishioners who were asked for assistance.
*We collected boxes for Sister's belongings to be boxed up and shipped to her new place.
*A Knight's wife collected pictures of Sister Camilla through the years and with the help of others created a scrap book for her to remember her family in Alaska.
*Knights, and parishioners provided funny stories and anecdotes in the life and times of Sister Camilla.
*Sister's car was given a thurough inspection by mechanic Knights and made sure that it was safe for the trip down the Alcan Highway.
*The Knights purchased gift cards, and pre paid Visa cards for Sister and her companions to have along the trip for food, gas, and lodging.
*The Knights purchased pre paid calling cards so that they could make phone calls along the way or in case of emergency.
*The Knights purchased disposable cameras so tht they could take pictures of their panoramic trip!
*The Knights aided in helping Sister to box her posessions, and to ship her posessions.
*The Knights helped her with a Yard Sale where she sod everything that she did not wish to take with her.
*The Knights cleaned her house for her after everything was removed.  The walls cleaned, windows, carpets steam cleaned, kitchen scrubbed,
  moved furniture, hauled trash, helped people with yard sale purchases, and more.
* The Knights aided in a Going Away Party for Sister Camilla so that she could say good bye to all of her family and we could say good bye to her.
*Sister Camilla's sister, Sister margaret went along with her on the trip.  Margaret's care was stored and cared for by a Brother Knight.  Margaret was
picked up at the airport, and cared for when she returned to Alaska after the trip.
*Through several "Throw Down " Fundraisers, the Knights raised money over the years to aid in subsidizing Sister's rent.
* Remaining money allocated for Sister Camilla will be used to maybe return her to Alaska for vacations, or other items along the way that Sister Camilla may need.
In all, a lot of Knights and their families care to Sister's aid during this time as a way of showing their respect, and admiration for her and her service to St. Andrew Parish pver the years.

Title: Special Olympics Support
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: In 2010.

1. In 2010 our council lead our parish in sponsoring two families from our church who ran in the annual Torch Run, a fund raiser for Anchorage (Local) Community Special Olympics.
2. Our council announces each week in our St. Andrew parish bulletin opportunities to volunteer for Special Olympics Local and State events; this attracts youths needing service hours & adults. Members of our council and spouses are coaches or assistant coaches for Special Olympics Bowling, Bocce Ball and Cross Country Skiing.  Our council members donated 589 hours towards Secial Olympics events.  Knights from the council were in attendance at 59 events supporting the athletes or assisting in the events. Our council conated nearly $1400 donated to Special Olympics events. The John a Forsting Council has 46 Knights volunteering year round at Special Olympics events and over 100 Knights donating at various events throughout the year.
The John A Forsting Council is very supportive of Special Olympics and the benefits it has for the young people and their families.

Title: Church Property Cleaning
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: May 2010
Description:  In May 2010 the Knights of Columbus held a work party at the Eagle River St. Andrew former campus.  The rectory building was rented out to the neighboring church for extra meeting space.  The Knights helped to clear out the remaining stuff of the church's and the Knights that was being stored there.  The Knights cleaned up the space so that when the new renters took over it was ready to move it.  The Knights spend many man hours hauling, and cleaning.  A few dump runs were among the trips made. 
As part of this cleaning, the Knights paid for Roto-Router to come out and snake the toilet lines of the old building which had been having some problems.  The Knights did not want the new tennants to have similar problems, nor the church to have to pay for this expense. 

After the clean up the Knights associated around food and refreshments.  Father was very appreciative of the Knight's initiative in undertaking this task saving the church money, and one less thing for him to worry about.


Title: Mother's Day Flowers!!
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: May 2010
Purpose of Activity:
Officers of the John A Forsting Council 9830 in Eagle River passed out a single stem carnation to every mother in honor of Mother's Day.  They passed out flowers on Saturday evening at evening Mass and also at all Masses on Sunday.  Knights wore their name badges to promote the Knights and our gratitude to or Mothers of the parish.  The Mothers were pleasantly surprised and appreciative of this token of affection from the council.

Title: Proxy Fishing Program
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: Summer of 2010
Summer of 2010 provided a new and different program for the Knights to support and help the parish, other Brother Knights, and the community of Eagle River Chugiak.   Brother Warren Gool brought the idea of the State of Alaska Proxy Fishing Program to the table.  Many people enjoy fish, but not the chore of catching and cleaning them.  Many Knights enjoy fishing, and this is where they can enjoy their fishing and
help someone else at the same time!

Warren gathered up several Knights who went fishing, and were allowed to catch extra fish with the proxy license for someone else.  Then, give them the fish for their freezers.  This was an ideal 1st attempt at something that will surely be a yearly event for the Kingts in Eagle River John a Forsting Council 9830.

Title: Baccalaureate Mass 2010
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: May 16, 2010
Description: All graduating seniors are invited to attend our Parish Baccalaureate Mass which was held on Sunday May 16th at the 11:30 am Mass.  Graduating seniors came dressed in their cap & gown. Graduates processed in with the priest and had a special seating area up front in the church.  Graduates did the readings, and they presented the gifts to the priest at Communion.  After mass the Grand Knight presented some of these graduating Seniors with Knights of Columbus Scholarships.  4 deserving youth received a total of nearly $5000.  One youth also received the Adeline Campbell Award for service to the church, and the community.  This was a $500 cash prize.  
This is an opportunity for the Knights of the parish to recognize their accomplishments!  The mass was followed by a small reception with cake and punch.   


Title: Parishioner Home Repair Project
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted:  October 2010
Purpose of Activity: Parishioner Home Repair
In October 2010 the daughter of 1 of our Knights and a parishioner needed some assistance from some muscle men to aid in a remodel project of a bedroom.  This was a project 2 Knights assisted in over a several day span of time.   The project entailed emptying the room, removing furniture, spackling holes, removing carpet and pad, priming the floor, painting the walls and ceiling, and replacing out dated unsafe electrical outlets.  The family was very appreciative of the aid the Knights provided and the great job when the project was complete.

Council: 9830
Category: Community
Date Project Conducted: June 14, 2010
Description: On June 14th Flag Day, a Flag Retirement Ceremony was held on the South Plaza of St. Andrew Church.  Knights collected unwanted, tattered, torn, or damaged flags, palms, and other religious  & patriotic items so that they could be retired gracefully. There was a 4th Degree Honor Guard on hand for the ceremony.
This event includes a ceremonial reading of a story of the American Flag's colors and their origin.  The fires, burning in the foreground as the wind licks the flames against the flags that are respectfully laid inside it.  The flags creating one last glow of brightness before being retired for a job well done.  
This event was attended by Knights, parishioners and community representatives as well.  The smoke from the retired flags wafted into the air and could be seen by everyone in Eagle River.  This is a yearly event for the John A Forsting Council 

Title: Praise God for successful Furniture move volunteers!
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: 
Purpose of Activity:
Description:  Thank you all for getting the word out about a need for moving volunteers at Love Inc. After a week of icy and slippery streets, the road was much better on Friday.  Love INC was looking for a couple of movers to visit a home on Muldoon to pick up 2 love seats, one futon, one coffee table, 2 end tables, a couple of lamps and smaller items including dishes and a baby bouncer. David Schoderbek and Gary Lee, Knights of Columbus from Saint Andrew Parish drove courageously to Anchorage where they loaded furniture and delivered it to 3 homes in Chugiak, with imperfect maps.  Then on Saturday morning, Gary again helped to move a homeless woman into an apartment using the same U-haul. We were able to bless five families in 24 hours In the Name of Christ.

Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted: 
Purpose of Activity:
Description: St. Andrew Parish in Eagle River created a healing garden on their grounds. A peaceful and relaxing place where people can sit or walk amongst God's creation. The creators added statues and vegetation, bushes and flowers.  The Knights of the council held a work party to help the parish. Brother Knight Mike Fuller helped move and level all the gravel that needed to move! Brother Larry Henry ran the compactor and filled the last of the garden and pathway in. Other Knights lent a hand helping to plant the Healing powers of the new garden. Ladies of the parish also did the planting and were very appreciative of the work the Knights did to help complete the Healing Garden. Deacon Jim Lee extended his thanks to all the Knights who helped with the creation throughout the process.

Title: PGK Ray Deterra Going Away Social
Council: 9830
Date Project Conducted:  May 29, 2010
Purpose of Activity: Council socialization for the Knights and their ladies
Description: Linda and Dennis Viloria opened their house for another socialization for the Knights and their ladies.
May 29th (Saturday on Memorial Day weekend) They considered Ray's availability so we could
say farewell to him and his wife Sandra. The council funded the meats (baby ribs) and spirits and brothers
and their mates brought side dishes. Dennis fried some salmon too to supplement the dishes.

Ray and his wife were moving to the lower 48 to be closer to family. Ray was a Past Grand Knight for
the council and has done a lot for the council winning several of the STAR AWARDS that it received.

Knights, spouses and other parishioners all assembled for a night of fun and fellowship outside of the events
that they do at church. A time to come together in fraternity and enjoy each other's company.

Ray gave a memorable speech and thanked everyone for the party, and their friendship, and support of the council.
He would miss the Knight's activities and hoped that a council where he was moving would be equally as active.

Title:The 2010 State Raffle
Council: 4859
Date of Project Conducted:
December 4, 2010
Purpose of Activity:
Fund raiser.
The 2010 Raffle conducted by Council 4859 with the drawing held on December 4th. The raffle raised a little over $38,000 that was distributed amongst all of the councils, the State Council, and our Holy Family Cathedral ministries. Our Chancellor Fred Maldonado took pictures of the winner, Marion Dawag, receiving her check (an oversized check used for presentations) of $10,000 presented by Les Dennis (District One Deputy), GK Larry Nakata, and the rest of our council in attendance.

Presentation of $10 K check to winner Marion Dawag

Oversized check with poster

Presentation of the real check to Marian Dawag from GK Larry Nakata and DD Les Dennis

Title: Christmas Party for the teens
Council: 4859
Date Project Conducted: December 13, 2010
Purpose of Activity:
Description: Council 4859 and volunteers from the parish worked with the Covenant House in hosting a Christmas Party for the teens at Holy Family Cathedral. This event was conducted on December 13th.

GKLarry Nakata, Past GK Bill Bennett with wife Jean at the event

Teens at the event

Some of the volunteers who helped out

Some of the counselors from the Covenant House

Santa Claus at the Covenant House Christmas Party

Past GK Bill Bennett overseeing preparation of the turkeys for the event

Title: Children's Christmas Party
Council: 4859
Date Project Conducted: December 11, 2010
Purpose of Activity:
Description: Council 4859 conducted the Holy Family Cathedral Childrens Christmas Party on December 11th…and even provided a volunteer to play the role of Santa Claus (Knight Tim Walsh from C4859). Our council provided a Christmas Brunch for the kids at our parish and provided gift certificates which were given out as prizes to the children in attendance.

FS Bradley Porter with Chaplain Fr. Vincent Kelber

Santa at the event

Knight Time Walsh in role of Santa Claus

Tim Walsh as Santa Claus

Santa with some of the children

Title: Thanksgiving Dinner
Council: 4859
Purpose of Activity:
Holy Family Cathedral sponsored a free Thanksgiving Dinner that day for their parishioners and families.
This is an annual event in which the food is purchased by the Church, with our council preparing all of the food for the dinner. Took us three days to prepare…with 18 turkeys and all of the trimmings as the menu. Parishioners were only asked to bring desserts.

Following the Blessing

Carving the Turkeys

18 turkeys were cooked

Some of the Knights that helped

Parishioners that attended

Thanksgiving Dinner at Holy Family Cathedral

Knights and volunteers

The head chef Bradley Porter slaving over a hot stove

Title: Pope John Paul II Memorial donation
Council: 4859
Date Project Conducted: 
October 14, 2010.
Purpose of Activity:
Donated a little over $46,000 to the Archdiocese of Anchorage for the Pope John Paul II Memorial on October 14th.
Presenting the check to Archbishop Schwietz was State Deputy Michael Welch, Grand Knight Larry Nakata, Past Grand Knight Bill Bennett, Past Grand Knight Ken Jones, Financial Secretary Bradley Porter, Recorder Ed Young, and Knight Hartmut Pluntke (in wheelchair).

Title: Blue Mass 2010
11757, Bishop Michael Kenny Council
Category: Community
Date Project Conducted: 8/22/2010
Purpose of Activity: For the Knights of Columbus and Clergy to celebrate a mass in honor of the sacrifice, dedication, and commitment of those men and women in law enforcement, fire/rescue/emergency services, and the military; with those people present in uniform so that the community may thank them for their service and recognize them for the immeasurable work they do in stabilizing, securing, and protecting our community, country, and homeland.
Description:  Multiple local, state and federal agencies and departments were represented by uniformed officers or officials, including the Juneau Fire Department, Juneau Police Department, Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Department of Corrections, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Law Enforcement, the United States Coast Guard, the United States Air Force, and the United States Marine Corps.
On August 22, 2010, the Bishop Kenny Council in Juneau, Alaska held a Blue Mass in order to honor the service of law enforcement, fire/rescue, and active duty and retired military personnel to their community and country. The principle celebrant of the mass was His Excellency Bishop Edward Burns, with Juneau parish priests, The Rev. Thomas Weise, and The Rev. Patrick Travers concelebrating. Additionally, the Fourth Degree provided an honor guard and Archbishop Seghers Council 1760 hosted a reception following the mass.
The Bishop Kenny council really began preparations for this Mass one year ago, when we held the 2009 Blue Mass. Due to the success and recognition of that mass, the 2010 Blue Mass was an even greater success. Once again, every member of both Juneau Councils, 11757 and 1760 contributed to this mass’ preparation by spreading the word throughout the community and inviting those who protect and safeguard our community to be recognized. His Excellency Bishop Edward Burns personally contacted the United States Coast Guard District 17 commander, Rear Admiral Christopher Colvin as well as the Chiefs of the Juneau and Ketchikan, Alaska Police Departments and extended to them invitations. Fire and Police Departments through Southeast Alaska were contacted and invited to the mass. Council 11757 member Allan Ahlgren placed fliers for the Blue Mass in the windows of each of his three Breeze Inn convenience stores in Juneau. Invitations were published in the Juneau Empire, the Capital City Weekly, KINY radio, as well as the bulletins of both the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Paul the Apostle .
The Mass was extraordinarily well attended, with a Juneau Fire Department commander, a Juneau Police Department lieutenant, and a United States Coast  Guard captain, as well as too many uniformed federal agents, police officers, state troopers, corrections officers, firefighters, and veterans to count. The curb at St. Paul the Apostle Church was choked with law enforcement and fire/rescue vehicles and the pews were not without a proudly worn uniform every ten feet. His Excellency Bishop Burns gave a stirring and moving homily and met with uniformed personnel after the mass, extending his heartfelt thanks and appreciation and imploring all within ear shot to contact him if there was anything the Diocese of Juneau could do for them and their departments or agencies. The Fourth Degree provided an exceptional procession and recession to gorgeous bagpipe music provided by the Stroller White Pipes and Drums quintet also in attendance. A lovely reception also followed the mass with food prepared and served by the Grand Knight of Archbishop Seghers Council 1760.

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